We Understand the Needs of a Small Business.

We Understand the Needs of a Small Business.

Being a small business ourselves, the IT support we offer is personal, making sure your requirements are not only heard, but understood and fulfilled in your company’s best interest.

We are Your Invisible IT Department.

It really is that simple.

Most small businesses cannot afford (and they don’t need) to maintain an in-house IT department. The purpose of our managed IT service is to drive down their maintenance costs and to give you peace of mind by providing your business with an on-going professional IT provisioning. We are London based, experienced and friendly.

We are Laptopa

Find out more about what we do and how we can help you grow your business.

So Close, No Matter How Far. Remote. Unlimited.

Unlimited Remote Support

We believe that receiving competent IT help in the precise moment you need it is crucial for the operation of any business, and remote assistance is the perfect tool for achieving it.

Do We Really Need a New Server?

It Consultancy London

Planning is everything. We are always here to give you impartial advice, when the information and advertising around you become a little bit overwhelming.

Be There On Time. Full Stop.

Onsite IT Support London

If an engineer is 30 minutes late for an appointment, we will not charge you for the first hour of the job.

How about that.

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