Computer Repair Services in Maida Vale

Home and Business IT Support

Our computer engineers offer fast, same day computer services in Maida Vale both at your workplace and in the comfort of your home. Our specialists are fully qualified to help with computer maintenance and repair as well as with software and hardware installation.

Onsite computer repair

Once you call us on 0207 047 1917 (we take calls 24/7), we will schedule an appointment and visit you in a time you find convenient. Same day service is delivered in most cases unless we have to deal with major data recovery issues and hardware failures.

Network services

We support office and home networks for our clients, troubleshoot and fix connection problems and slow networks, and install network devices and new networks.

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Business IT Support

To our business clients who require computer services in Maida Vale, we offer flexibility and choice. Clients can opt for one of two plans – contracts or pay as you go and expect cost effective and professional service. We offer IT consultancy and help clients with company networks, servers, and workstations.

Data recovery

Our computer engineers are experienced in data recovery and will deal with data loss promptly. We will not charge you in case we are unable to recover lost information.

Remote assistance

We offer instant computer support to clients looking for computer services in Maida Vale. Just call us on 0207 047 1917 and you can expect a session to be arranged in just half an hour.